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Advent and Christmas Season

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Throughout December, I will be continuing (and concluding) the extensive series of articles on “The Law and the New Testament”. Having just completed the portion on “Paul’s View of the Law”, the next articles will examine the Old Testament Law in the remaining New Testament writings (James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter & Jude, Hebrews, the letters of John, and the book of Revelation). Keeping with this theme, and as a way of transitioning into the Advent and Christmas season, I will be presenting a series of daily notes on Galatians 4:4, looking at each word and phrase in considerable detail.

Daily notes will likewise be offered, hopefully with little or no interruption, all the way through Epiphany (Jan 6) and the end of the Christmas Season. I trust and pray that these notes and articles will be both informative and inspiring, encouraging the reader to delve deeper into the text of Scripture.

“Note of the Day” returns

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After a hiatus, I am starting up the Note of the Day feature again. I will be going back to my original idea of relatively short notes (allowing for a note every day or so), dealing with some noteworthy critical or interpretative aspect of a Scripture passage, occasionally touching upon matters of theology, church history, and the history of doctrine. As often as seems useful, I will follow the significant days and dates of the traditional Church Year.

For the Advent season, through the days of Christmas, I will be looking primarily at Old Testament, New Testament, and extra-/non-canonical passages related to the Birth of Jesus. Due to the complexity of some of these passages, I will at times break up the discussion over several consecutive notes.

I trust that these ‘daily’ posts will prove interesting and enlightening, and may stimulate readers toward further study.

Introduction to the Note of the Day

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Each day I will be posting a critical-exegetical Note—usually text-critical—on a select passage. Posts will generally follow the Church Year, with supplemental Notes filling in between the special days on the Calendar. Beyond being merely academic in nature, these Notes will touch on interesting or related theological and spiritual matters for contemplation, and to encourage deeper study. They will also introduce some less familiar areas of Church History, Doctrine, and Christian Spirituality which relate to the passage.

To begin with, there will be posts several times a week, and more frequently thereafter. We trust and pray that you will find these Notes stimulating and provocative. You will almost certainly discover or encounter something new each day.

New Blog and Updates

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Welcome to the Biblesoft Blog

We here at Biblesoft have felt and seen an increasing need for stronger communication. This includes not only company updates, but also study-focused content that isn’t just another marketing channel. We’re proud to present the answer to both of these problems in the Biblesoft Blog.

More than just announcements and updates, we want to provide interesting Bible study focused articles to help get you into the Word. We are a Bible software company after all. With the help of some in-house contributors, we have already posted an initial article from one of our resident content editors, reviewing some textual criticism issues related to our Easter season.

In addition to scholarly articles, we also look forward to providing uplifting devotional articles in the near future. If you are interested in contributing to the Biblesoft Blog let us know! Send a message to cs@biblesoft.com and provide link(s) to your current blog for review.

Other Updates


In addition to our new blog, we have a new FREE study tool! We have developed this tool to help you bring your study with you across the web. As you travel across the web, the VerseFinder will scan pages for Bible verses and automatically tag them for you!

Once tagged, all you have to do is mouse-over the link, and the VerseFinder will bring up a hover with that verse for you. In addition, you can select the “Explain” tab to see commentary information about that verse, effectively letting you do a mini-study wherever you are. If you want even more information, you can click the “More” tab and it will launch the Biblesoft App.

We recommend installing the VerseFinder extension in your Chrome browser for the best experience. Learn more at http://www.biblesoftonline.com/versefinder


After a few misfires we were finally able to release a cloud based app in 2014. It wasn’t until just recently that we were able to fully import all of our reference works and make all of our customer’s purchase history available to them. At this point, all Biblesoft customers should be to login to the Biblesoft App using their Biblesoft.com login and access previously purchased material at http://app.biblesoftonline.com for FREE.

We know that the app has a ways to go to meet both your and our expectations, but we believe that this first version will pave the way for many new tools and features in the coming years. It has already allowed us to create the VerseFinder, and we have many more opportunities in front of us. If you’ve tried the app and didn’t like it, then we would encourage you to check back every couple months as our app team releases updates.


Our PCSB development team is hard at work on version 6, and yes we are ensuring compatibility with Windows 10. We cannot share new feature details or release dates at this time, but we are happy to have a dedicated team working full-time on this next version. After a couple false-starts on related projects and pulling on this team to get the App rolling, this team is back on track (and has been for awhile). We couldn’t be more excited about their current progress on our flagship product.

Look for more updates in the coming months!